Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Ultimate Hairdresser Experience

I regularly get mails from different brands about new products, which will be released soon. A couple of weeks ago I got one about a new Colour Lock System by Wella.

This system prolongs the brillianze and beauty of your coloured hair. There are four different types of infusions: Hydrate, Volumize, Smoothen, Repair. Out of these four one picks two and your hairdresser massages them into your hair. It's a serum and foam.

Since I'm a hair junkie I was quite curious, so I asked if I could get that system to test it. Julia, the lovely contact from the company that sends me the newsletters, told me this treatment is only available at a hair salon, but if I want I could try it there.

Of course I said yes and yesterday was the day I had my appointment and that at a chic hair salon - Strassl Exklusiv in the Ringstraßengalerie. I never was at such a fancy salon. It's brand new and I looove the interior design. Exactly my style, modern, sleek, simply classy:

When I arrived the first thing the woman at the reception said "such extreme long hair..". I felt the need to apologize.. Maybe I should have said that, but, luckily, they got over that first shock quite fast.

I was escorted to one of the beautiful chairs, offered something to drink and we started talking about the colour I would want. When I left home I was sure I just would want a true black, but I asked about her opinion and she recommended a natural, glowing, soft brown. I said yes.

Here are some before and after pictures:


Truly beautiful, right?

But this endresult wasn't a 30 min job. It took 4 hours.. *g*

Let's go over the process:
  • hair analysis aka what should the endresult look like
  • lovely Julia and Natascha washed my hair with a hybrid product (basically, a mix between a shampoo and a gentle bleaching product) - a lot of tugging was involved.. the price of long hair and quite some charging for the bad quality (drugstore) colour I used to dye my hair and how uneven my result was - again I felt the need to apologize
  • since my hair reacted nicely to the bleaching, the colouring started

first I got some light strands and and then the rest of the colour was applied

After thirty minutes Julia washed my hair and then started using the Colour Lock System which looks like that:

That took short 10 minutes: first the serum and then the foam. I got the mix: Colour Save and Repair.

After washing it out again, she blow dried my hair.

As you already saw the result was this beautiful glowing, but natural looking brown:

I never thought this would be such an exclusive and professional experience. I'm so grateful. So thanks again to the lovely girls from Strassl, Wella for letting me test the system and sponsoring it and Julia from the PR company who made this appointment possible.
I'm certainly gonna come back, regularly. I don't know how to afford it yet *g* but the quality definitely convinced me. I always wanted to try this ashy emo blonde, even if I doubt it would suit me. If I ever decide to go for it, I'll do it at that salon with Julia.

So if you have a hair "experiment" coming up, I would go there.


All services were covered by Wella.