Sunday, 18 September 2011

Nail Polish Orgnisation

You remember my nail polish wall displays? *click* By now all three are completely full *gg* and as soon as I have the money, I'll order some more, you know just to be sure. ;-)

Since I desperately wanted a tiny one for my nail polish treatments/base-top coats, I decided I can't wait any longer, so I bought this a couple of days ago at MW Nails in Hernalser Hauptstraße, a nail design supplies store.

A perfect fit, right??

I really like that store. They even have a wall display, but it's smaller (about 50 polishes) and much more expensive. However, that little nail polish stairway was perfect and the 8,50€ were bearable.
It now stands right beside my desk.



Kirschblüte said...

oh, ich liebe das mousepad =)

Kay said...

I've seen similar nail polish steps and thought they were useless. I never thought about using them for what you've purposed. Great idea! Thanks for sharing!