Saturday, 14 July 2012

Essence's Dates on Skates and my pathetic life

Hey guys,

I had the most fucked up week.. Not only had been the 12th one of the worst days in my life, no, I also failed my English exam. My first negative grade in English.. That SUCKS.

In addition, I'm too poor to buy a last minute trip for my fiancé and me. (His birthday is on Monday) Sucks too and next week on Wednesday, the 18th, I'll turn 25. From that time on I'm closer to 30 than 20. Can it get worse?

Yes, it can. I still wanna do a kick-ass giveaway for you lovelies, but for that one needs money. I wanna make it gorgeous, really big. I hope I can pull that off soon.

But now I'll stop whining, I did that a lot lately and I'm sorry about that, but sometimes life truly sucks.. Pattern of my life.

Do you know that feeling: when you do and try your best and despite that there are people out there who try a lot less and still have more success. I know it and I hate it.

But now I'll shut up and talk about the things you care about. *gg*

The blush from the Essence "Miami Roller Girl" collection is a quite coveted product. Luckily, I found one. Here it is and she's a beauty, I also got one of the nail polishes. A pretty pink that matches the right side of the blush.

Miami P'ink

Dates On Skates:

I couldn't shake the feeling that it might be a dupe of MAC's "Ripe Beach" blush ombre. Nevertheless, as soon as I put them besides each other they didn't seem that similar anymore. 

Some swatches and you'll be surprised how amazing the pigmentation of the Essence blush is:

On the left the Essence blush, on the right MAC's:



So, all in all, I can savely say that this blush is a pretty amazing product, so buy it if you can!


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K. from drop dead beautiful! said...

Hope everything works out better for you soon!
The colour of the blush is sensational but unfortunately mine is crumbly!