Monday, 16 July 2012

Mini MAC Haul or My Favorite Cleans-Off Oil

I rarely repurchase a product, cause there are so many out there worth trying, but from time to time  a product crosses your way which is just that good! 

MAC's Cleanse-Off Oil is one of those products. I love this method to remove make up. It's gentle and does the job. 

Before I tried the one from MAC, I used Shu Uemura's famous cleanse-off oil which has a quite heavy price tag.. It worked, but I had always this filmy residue on my eyes. Not pleasant. 

So when MAC released their new "Tranquil" version, which doesn't smell like a lemon cake, I gave it a try and loooooved it! 

It does an amazing job and no residue! That's how it looks:

All in all, I definitely would recommend this product. :-) I think they even have the mini version
still available. At least the MAC at Gerngross does.


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