Saturday, 28 July 2012

Review: MAC Green Gel Cleanser

I bought this quite a while ago, when they first released the mini sizes. I was curious about how it would perfom. I never used any of their skincare products and who doesn't need a face cleanser?

Well, I'll keep it short as always: 

It's horrible. I was so disappointed. It cleans well, but many cleansers can pull that off. What really makes this one a complete failure (for me at least) is the scent. It smells like dish soap and not just a little bit. Truly, like dish soap and not the new nicely scented ones, the old ones. 

So, in a nutshell, there are so many cleansers out there which are cheaper and do the same job. Clean nicely AND smell lovely. In my peronsal opinion, it's too expensive to just ignore the scent.

I hope this was helpful. 


7 comments: said...

Gut zu wissen... hab in Sachen Skincare bisher nur die Naked Honey Hand and Bodycream von MAC benutzt, im Gesicht :D fand ich toll und überlege mir daher mehr Skincare von MAC zu kaufen... nur nicht diesen Cleanser ^^ mir ist der Geruch auch sehr wichtig

Rosalie said...

Hab dich zum Thema Lidschatten getagged, freu mich, wenn du mitmachst :)

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Guinevere said...

@in your face: ja wenn du auch wert auf guten geruch legst, nimm dir einen anderen :-)

@rosalie: da mach ich natürlich mit :-)

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