Thursday, 5 July 2012

What I've been up to lately..

Hey my dear ones,

I feel bad for having neglected you so much last month, so I thought, let's catch up.

I'm not a stress/pressure person, I hate it. I know there are people who blossom when there is a deadline, but I'm not one of those..

A lot has been happening. I had a bunch of exams last month for my studies. Our families dog is not doing well and I just got a second job.

My dog, Kronos, is fine, but my families dog with whom I grew up, Wuppi, is not well.

She's 13 and age takes its toll.. Her heart isn't working well anymore and though we know she is old and that's the way life goes, it's still more than hard. Twice this month I wasn't sure whether or not she would come home with us again after spending a whole afternoon at the pet clinic. 

It kills me, it feels like I'm waiting for death to come. He's behind my back, standing there, waiting. 
She has good days and then there are bad days, but as long as there are good days, how can we deny her those? 

But the moment will come when we'll have to let her go and it will come soon and it kills me. 

It's horrible to have to study during such a time.. I tried to put everything aside and concentrate. I spent the days at my desk with my cats sleeping beside me. So peaceful:

I also just got a second job. I have my three days a week at an office and from now on I'll work every second weekend at a retirement home as well. Already had my enrollment and there's SO much new info in my head and a lot to do. I envy every student who doesn't have to work..

I hope you understand there was a lot on my mind and still is. It's paralyzing.

To end this post with something positive, a couple of days ago I was with Kronos and my fiancé at a lake and it was amazing. All alone we could let Kronos enjoy the water as well. See for yourself:

Beware: serious splashing involved ;-)

That's it, my last month, I hope yours was better.. Tomorrow, I'll post my MAC "Heavenly Creature" haul.



Reklamedame said...

Tut mir leid, das mit eurem Hund! So etwas ist immer hart! Wir haben unseren Hund damals am 23. Dezember eingeschläfert und es waren die grauenhaftesten Weihnachten, die man sich vorstellen kann. Dann sind auch zu Weihnachten noch Freunde aus Japan gekommen, die sich total gefreut hatten ihn wieder zu sehen...
Ich wünsch dir ganz viel Kraft, diese schwierige Zeit durchzustehen!

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