Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Lime Crime Lips

This is gonna be fun. *gg*

As you probably saw on my Birthday haul, I bought two new Lime Crime lipsticks. Now it's time to show you all the shades I own, not too many unfortunately, but of course the craziest. :-)

First some pictures of the packaging which is genius and all the colours beside each other:

New Yolk City, Mint To Be, No She Didn't, Styletto

Now to the fun part, of course I had to apply them. Here we go:

New Yolk City

This one wasn't easy to work with. Although the lipsticks are amazingly pigmented, they are softer than most, so you have to be careful. The lighter shades are always tricky to work with. Especially, with my pigmented lips, but in the end it worked quite well.

Mint To Be:

My absolute favorite!! Such a fun colour. :-)

No She Didn't:

Another genius one

Styletto - This was tricky as well. After each colour, I used them in the order you see them, I had to cancel out my lip colour with concealer. Unfortunately with black it ended up looking like a dark blue rather than a black:

I tried it without covering my lips and it worked!

Not perfectly applied, but you see that it normally is pitch-black.. Pretty, right??

To see how well pigmented they are, here are my lips. Quite some coverage needed:

Amazing, right?

There is also a shout out: Without those two this wouldn't have worked so well:

So what do you think? I absolutely love them!

I ordered them from Shining Cosmetics for 13,95€ each. About the same price you would have to pay if you ordered from the Lime Crime website.



K. from drop dead beautiful! said...

Thats so funky!!!The turquoise one is gorgeous!

Guinevere said...

yeah I love them, I wish I could were them on a daily basis lol

Anonymous said...

Relly cool colors!!
Thanks for swatching!

But may I suggest you rather work on the outline of the lips with such bold colors, the blue and black lipsticks do look a bit messy on the outline, even though it seems you photoshopped it a little on your pics. *sorry*

Other than that thery're great!!!
And why not, be bold and DO wear them every day!

Guinevere said...

lol.. I never photoshop. The only thing I do is resize

The black indeed does look a bit messy, as mentioned this was the problem with these, sooo soft and a bit slippery, but I took a mental post-it - It's noted

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