Thursday, 23 August 2012

Balea Raspberry Every Day Shampoo Review

I saw this at a DM and just HAD to buy it, Raspberry and Limited Edition!

I loooove the smell of raspberries and I mean for that price you don't risk much.

So what do I think??

While it does smell lovely in the bottle, it did have quite an artifical smell while I used it. What a disappointment.. I usually wash my hair twice, first for cleaning, second for nurturing.

Since Balea didn't release a raspberry conditioner which I would have bought I let it sink in several minutes.

After I was out, I thought, okay no repurchasing, how sad, but after my hair was dry (I never blow dry it) I brushed through it and couldn't believe what I saw in the mirror..

HUGE volume, I can't remember when I had that much volume just because of a shampoo! It was 12pm right before bedtime, hence that no-make up face. The picture doesn't even do it justice, simply incredible..

So what do you think? Great and that for 75 cent! I might get a back up..