Friday, 17 August 2012

L'Oréal Shine Caresse Glosses!

L'oréal is releasing a new product and was so kind to send me some for testing. Those are pretty genius - a mix between lipstick and gloss. It immediately reminded me of Chanels Rouge Allure Laque. 

The packaging is quite fancy, which I love, let's see some pictures. 

I got three lovely colours: I only know two by names, cause the third had no name tag on. From top to bottom: 102 Romy, 300 Juliet, 402

The applicator is oval shaped which makes it easy to apply.

They do seem to be a lot like the laquers from Chanel, but there is one big difference: the opacity. 

While the ones from Chanel are extremly pigmented, those are a more natural. They are still amazingly pigmented and I'll show you on-lips swatches soon, but they aren't completely opaque after one coat. For those of you who were wondering. :-) 

Let's see some swatches: from top to bottom: 300 Juliet, 402, 102 Romy

They do stain a bit.

All in all, I think this is a genius idea and I'm sure much more affordable than the ones from Chanel. I will give a full review and some on-lips swatches soon. 

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misspeony sillage said...

I will try this product soon. I'm your new follower, if you want we can follow each others :)
bye misspeony

Shina said...

Any ideas when this will be released? They look great =]

Rebekka T said...

I think you mean Yves Saint Laurent (the glossy stains) in stead of Chanel :)