Sunday, 5 August 2012

Manhattan Blogger Edition

Manhattan's new Blogger Edition nail polish collection is available. Two blogs "Modepilot" and "Styleproofed" got the opportunity to create their own polishes. What a dream come true! :-)10 shades each. I must admit I've never heard of those fashion blogs before, but they released some nice colours.

All of them are wearable shades. There is no colous which I'd call unique or new, but still some nice shades one can never have enough of. 

The only colour which screams odd (and I love odd) is this one:

"Green Chai" - It's a pale green with green, red, purple and golden sprinkles. I was tempted, but resisted. It's a funky-weird mix, but it's not a beauty for me.

The mail I got says they will be 3,49€ each. Unfortunately, Müller disagreed and so you have to pay 4,99€ if you want one. I'll let you know if the other stores charge the same. 

The polish I will get is the weird yellow mustard colour named "Mashed Potatoes". It might be a dupe for Butter London's "Bumster". A shade I wanted for ages!!

All in all, I think those are lovely colours. Actually, one could buy each shade and it wouldn't be a mispurchase. Nevertheless, there are no "new" colours. Sadly, those are limited edtion, so if you want one, get it now.


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