Thursday, 23 August 2012

Garnier Anti Flecken

Garnier was so kind an sent me one of their new products. I was really surprised, cause I didn't expect anything. This is quite interesting. It's a face cream which is supposed to help with pigmentation blemishes, pimple scars and general discolouration in your face. 

Let's look at it:

The packaging feels and looks quite "professional/medical" since it's a metal tube, not plastic. 

It has a fine tip so you can really control the amount of product you wanna use.

I only used it twice so far and it smells amazing and obsorbs immediately. Luckily, I don't have any issues with my face, so I can't truly review it, BUT my beautiful mother just started to get some pigmentation issues on her cheek so she will test it for me and I'll report the results in a month or so. 

First, I thought this might be interesting for mature women only, but since it's also against pimple scarring and general discolouration this is a product for everyone. Garnier say it's for every skin type, so let'r trust them with that.

Even, I can't really give a personal review with a before and after picture, I thought it is more than worth mentioning, cause many people deal with those problems. And again, my mum will test it, so in a month or so, I will have a review, just not with my face. :-)

If you try this product and it works, please let me know. I'm really curious!


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