Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Garnier Fructis Heisses Volumen 48H Review

Hello lovelies,

It's review time. :-)

Garnier surprised me with those right after they were released and I was quite suspicious from the get go I have to admit. I don't blow dry my hair, I always let it air dry. 

All in all, I end up blow drying it a couple of times a year. Mostly, during winter. So when I saw that these were "activated" by heat I wasn't happy.

Blow drying isn't good for your hair and having a product that makes it mandatory is rather unlikeable for me. So I started using it without blow drying it afterwards. *g* 

I really like it as a normal shampoo. It cleans well, feels nice, has that pleasent Garnier smell and foams just right. There's no volume afterwards, but okay. After all heat is needed, so I didn't mind.

After the product was half empty, I tried it the way it's supposed to be used. I blow dried it and ended up with a complete volumeless hair..

I made photos, but they are lost somewhere on my laptop and honestly, you don't see anything, cause there is no volume.. No nothing.. I was really disappointed, cause I expected it to have at least a bit of an effect.

The packaging on these wasn't that durable as well.. One time, I don't take pics before using the product and of course this happens.. Luckily, as you can see above, it can be smoothed out.


Don't buy it if you want a product that gives you volume.. It just doesn't work.. Get the John Frieda Volume products, they are great. 

Sorry Garnier, I truly love you, but this time you completely failed.. As a normal shampoo it's great and I'll happily use it until it's empty, but there is no effect in terms of volume.

I hope this was helpful. I also got the Heisses Volumen 48H dry shampoo for testing and haven't used it so far, cause I can't stand greasy hair, but I've heard great things of it and will review it soon.

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