Friday, 24 August 2012

Essence Colour Arts Pigments Swatches & Haul

I was pretty excited when I heard about this collection and shocked when I saw that empty display. And I thought those will be permanent..

Luckily, when I stopped at the Essence counter I saw that I was right. Permanent!! :-)

So many colours and not just boring ones..

They also created bases for nails, eyes, and lips and mixing jars. How cool!

For the awesome price of 2,45€ I had to buy some even though I know those will be around forever. Of course I bought the bright ones and was shocked by their gorgeous quality.

Broadway Starlet
Miss Piggy's Lollipop, Wow It's Orange

Surprisingly, they had different lids, the pink one with the plastic was the best.

You can get the right amount of product out of the jar without having it all over you hand. Another plus:

Now on to the swatches which will blow you away, at least they did me:

Miss Piggy's Lollipop, Paparedzzi, Wow it's Orange, Broadway Starlet

They had this pigmentation after one coat! 

Unfortunately, you can't see the golden shimmery undertone on the orange colour and the slight purple on the pink one, but I'll do a look with them soon. They might even be MAC dupe material.

The red stains a bit, which can be annoying. I removed it with my cleansing oil, I guess a waterproof make up remover might be the better choice.

All in all, I'd say: Simply AMAZING. They truly exceeded my expectations. That pigmentation and no crumbliness. I can't say anything about creasing and longevity yet, but I'm quite positive they'll perform good as well.

So what do you think? 



K. from drop dead beautiful! said...

Thank you for this post!
A shame i am a looser when it comes to apply pigments but they look stunning! Well done essence!

Shades of Nature said...

Die Pigmente schauen wirklich toll aus, ich habe auch schon vor einem Aufsteller gestanden, bin aber Vernünftig geblieben, da ich zur Zeit auf meine Fyrinnae Bestellung warte!