Saturday, 25 August 2012


I actually bought this one on a bet. *gg* My fiancé and I argued whether or not the BIPA at Retz would still let me in at 18:58. (I wanted a nail polish). lol

They did, although I was informed about the fact they will close in 2 minutes. I'm sure they hated me that moment. *gg* I worked at as a make up artist at The Body Shop for a while and we all hated it when customers came in at the last minute.

But I was a good customer and only stayed in that 2 minute window. I was too cheap to buy an expensive polish without thinking about it first, so I grabbed the first affordable colour I "might" not have. lol

I ended up buying B Pretty's "Hazel" and was surprised by how awesome it is. Opaque after one freaking coat! Lasting time gorgeous as well!!

Here we go:

So, if you like the colour - buy it! *g*


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