Saturday, 12 January 2013

Alverde Black & Red Swatches & Review

Alverde has a new LE and they surprised me with some pr samples. Yay! :-)

I got two of the four cream to powder blushes: Bright Shine, Hot Flame

One of the three shimmer creams: Sparkling Silver:

One of the three liquid eyeshadows: Metallic Silver

The classy red lipstick: Red Love

The Volume Star Mascara in Intensive Grey

and last but not least the mascara duo in Black & Red

Some swatches for you:

Shimmer Cream in Sparkling Silver, below: liquid eyeshadow in Metallic Silver: 

Lipstick Red Love, blush Bright Shine and Hot Flame

Before I'll talk about it I'm gonna show you some on-face swatches for you. Always looks different applied.

Finished Black & Red look:

Let's start with the lips, a classy red, simply beautiful. It was a bit difficult to build colour on my upper lip without it immediately getting transferred on my lower lip. I didn't wanna use any other products to correct that, so, other than that, a lovely product!

Next on to the liquid eyeshadow. That was one difficult product.. I really tried, but it didn't get even and the more I tried the worst it got. Intensifying the shade was impossible as well. It got only more blotchy. 

Using an eyeshadow base didn't change anything as well. On the left side I wear none, on the right side I do:

I really liked the blushes and usually, I'm not a fan of cream blushes:

Bright Shine:

Hot Flame:

To the mascaras. 

The grey one first. I liked it a lot, but you can't see anything of that grey/gold shimmer on darker lashes:

To the black and red duo. The black side did a good job, but it was impossible to top it with the red side ending with a nice result or making the red show up:

All in all, this collection has some really nice products. The lipsticks and the blushes are lovely. The shimmer cream has too large shimmer particles for my taste, but that might just be me.

I can't recommend the liquid eyeshadows, they won't make you happy. The Volume Star mascara is good and a solid product, but you don't see much of the described shade. At least not on darker lashes. The duo mascaras weren't special as well. Other Alverde mascaras will make you happier.

The collection has some timeless items one can use all year round. Except for the liquid shadows and mascaras this LE offers good quality for a great prize.



Juju said...

Diese Silber-Rot-Kombi steht dir total gut! :D

Guinevere said...

Danke :)