Thursday, 17 January 2013

Essence Hugs & Kisses Haul

Another (Austrian) drugstore haul. But no worries, soon, I'll be in Edinburgh again (yay!!), so an international haul will follow soon.

This collection is quite coveted. Especially, the polishes are the items everyone seems to need as you can see above.

I called the store and was able to reserve all polishes, the palette, the lashes and the blush. In the end, I got only two items. (what a good girl *gg*)

I just had to have that blush, what a great imprint. Lately, more and more of our drugstore brands do things like that. Of course it's not as perfect in quality as the high end items, but still. Kinda makes you wonder why the other products are that expensive..

Doesn't it look lovely?

I only got one of the eight polishes. Four top coats and four base colours. I didn't find the base colours unique and the top coats were nice, but in the end one never gets the effect desired. The red one was the only one cute enough to want it ( for me at least). Sorry for the blurriness.

Did you buy any products of that LE? I'm sure you did. *gg*


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