Sunday, 6 January 2013

The shortest trip to the UK ever..

Hey guys,

First post in 2013! It's crazy how fast time flies by.. The last couple of days were quite varied.. I spent 22 hours in the UK: Birmingham Airport to Herefordshire and back to the airport, to be exact.

I love being in the UK, but this was everything but my usual vacation.

So why did we fly there? My family has been without a pet every since Wuppi died in Summer, two months ago my mum fell in love with Cutie, a Labradoodle.

Unfortunately, she's from a breeder who conveniently lives in Herefordshire.. After thinking about it for a long time, we decided to go for it and get her. And guess what, she was so worth it!

That is my beautiful mum, the breeder was nice, but a bit too hygienic.. We had to wear plastic gloves and shoes while being at her place.

It was one hell of a trip. We had to drive to Herefordshire on the freaking wrong side of the road.. I didn't expect it to be so horrible, I actually had planned to drive through the Highlands next summer, that definitely won't happen! 

She was such a good girl in the car:

To call that trip stressful is an understatement. It was the first time my name was exclaimed all over an airport with the words "final call for Ms. G..." Not pleasant. 

Long story short, we got her home safely and she is a delight. My parents are so happy, I hope Kronos will meet her soon.


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Jen said...

OMG das ist toll und wirklich lieb. Ich würde für einen Hund den ich wirklich will auch nach England fliegen. Hoffe sie lebt sich gut ein :)