Sunday, 27 January 2013

Review: Garnier Fructis Wunder Öl

I've seen many reviews of this. Raves really and I gotta tell you, I can only agree. This product is genius!!!!

Some ingredients:

About the oil. I'm alway a bit wary when it comes to hair oils, cause no matter what they say. They always end up making my hair greasy in some sort of way. This doesn't!

This is the first oil I can use close to my head without making anything but nourishing it. Same with the ends of my hair. I usually use it after showering on towel dry hair. On all my hair beneath my ears. It makes them soft and lovely. 

It can't imagine my hair routine without it at the moment. So, if you wonder whether or not you should try it. Try it!! I love it and definitely will repurchase it as soon as it's empty.

Product was sent for review.

1 comment:

Pink Bunny said...

you sold me ! I will buy it the next time, I'm out of oil hair and very disapointed of the l'oreal one

thank you !