Friday, 11 January 2013

LUSH Sale Haul

Lush is having a big sale on all their christmas products and so I had to stop by. I wanted to get one bath bomb and not more, well that's what I ended with:

What a consequent person I am.. I bought three Cinders Ballistic Bath Bombs, the reuseable Madame Butterfly Foam Bath, So White Ballistic Bath Bomb, Father Christmas Bath Bomb and Party Popper Ballistic Bath Tower.

I already used:
Cinders Ballistic: 

This one is gorgeous, it turns your water into a golden/caramel colour and these red sugar dots make popping sounds once they are free of the bath bomb. It has a light cinnamon scent, Really lovely and a lot of fun!

Party Popper:

It has a sort of calming scent and turns your water into a light purple. Inside are tiny green and red strips. A bit weird, but I loved the scent. I wish I could describe it better. *g*

Father Christmas: 

This one is really crazy. It looks innocent from the outside, but inside is a green core which turn your water into a fir green and there's a lot of red glitter as well. Crazy! Personally, I'm not a fan of glitter in a bath, it looks cool, but it gets everywhere and I need to take an extra shower afterwards. 

I will talk about the rest after using them. I saved a lot of money that day, always a gorgeous feeling..

Did you get something? I wanted the Popcorn lip scrub as well, but it was already sold out..


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