Sunday, 6 January 2013

New Years Resolutions - Vegan For Fit & My Wedding

I guess we all think about things we wanna do better or finally master this year. For me, one of these wishes is to continue my weight loss project, I haven't talked about it for a while and the simple reason is - nothing changed.

I maintained my new weight which isn't bad, but there is still a lot I wanna lose, I wanna look perfect for my wedding. How wouldn't want that?

I got two books for christmas I wanted "Vegan for Fun" and "Vegan for Fit". I read a lot about it and was really enthusiastic.

The second is a 30 days challenge where you only eat the vegan recipes in the book and focus on your training. I have been a vegetarian for years, I also don't eat fish and I don't like eggs and I only drink milk when it's in hot chocolate or coffee. So I thought, hey that change can't be too hard.

I started three days ago and it's okay, but it's not as easy as I thought. I'm not good at cooking, so my fiancé helps, but it's kind of annoying. I like eating freshly made food though.

The recipes are good mostly, though especially the ones I was most hopeful for, didn't taste that good. A recipe I was excited for was the vegan Sauce Carbonara with zucchini noodles (no noodles, potatoes or things like that are allowed)

I don't like the almondmousse the sauce is made of and the first time I tried the raw! zucchini noodles I had stomache age the whole day.. He only puts a bit oil and salt on them, so I did it as well. They were hard and it made me feel sick. The sauce Bolognese wasn't bad, but that kinda ruined it. The second time I tried those noodles, I cooked them for about two minutes, that way it was okay.

A meal I liked was the Vegan burger:

Something he also swears by is Matcha -> a green tea powder, supposed to be stronger than coffee and healthier.

I'm sure it's healthier, but stronger.. no. At least, not for me. The first time I drank it, I was so disgusted by it, I had troubles drinking the whole cup. In my opinion, it tastes like milled seaweed.. I retried it every day though. There are three recipes with Matcha in the book. The Matcha chocolate-banana shake tastes nice, but only because the taste is burried underneath the other ingredients which aren't low in calories.

Another thing, you have to invest a lot of money to get started. You need a powerful mixer, he recommends and swears by the Vitamix, a genius product, but with a 600€ price tag on it. Nothing I can afford, I bought an immersion blender and it does the job, but not as flawless as the Vitamix. All the vegan substitutes and ingredients you don't have at home, have to be purchased as well. That alone cost about 80€. Since I counted a lot on the zucchini noodles, I got the vegetable noodle/spiral maker as well. Oh, and the Matcha powder cost over 20€ as well. All in all, I spent over 200€.

Everyone, who tries that challenge seems to be completely happy and has gorgeous results. It's quite disappointing that I appear to be the only person who's having problems.

At the moment I'm not feeling good, several health problems haunting me and making every day a challenge.. So probably it's too much for me to handle right now, I don't want to give up too soon, but for now I'll take it slow. I'm definitely frustrated and disappointed.

Some of you are curious about our wedding plans. I gotta tell you, it's been everything but a nice planning process. So much to factor in that's expensive. Originally, I wanted a small wedding with about 20 people, now we are at 50..

In two weeks is a wedding trade show in Vienna where you can see all sorts of products and services, photographers and catering companies i.e. We'll go there and I hope to get some input.

My dream wedding still would be in the Scottish Highlands, surrounded by just a few close friends and family, but it's just too damn expensive. It's frustrationg to put it mildly..

That's it with the news on my life. *gg* I wish it wouldn't be like that. For the beauty posts awaiting you, a lot of reviews and I'll try to do more make up looks as well. :-)


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Pink Bunny said...

hey sweetie,

maybe, it's never too good to start a diet like this one too hard, I know that you really want to be beautiful on your wedding day but don't push your body too hard, try step by step and there is some good alternative even if you don't like fish, for exemple, you can take fish oil in capsule and take away spoon of food that is high in calories so no starving or craving, it's never an option, loosing weight can be quick but the challenge is to not take your weight back, good luck and I can't wait for your next post !