Sunday, 27 January 2013

Catrice "Neo Geisha" Haul

I didn't expect to find this so soon, but I did - yay! I was quite excited for this collection.

My tiny haul. My first instinct was to buy everything, especially the eye liner patches, but after carrying it around in my shopping bag for 20 minutes I was able to contain myself. *gg*

One shadow, one nail polish and one lip brush. 

I know I have enough brushes, but it looks so pretty..

I gotta say the texture and quality didn't convince me to buy it. It was the beautiful design.. For 2,95€ that's justifiable.

The nail polishes are solid shades, this was the one I liked most:

Both green items are named "Planet Tokyo". Did you see the LE already? Will you buy something?


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