Thursday, 8 August 2013

Aluminium Chloride in Deodorants - Highly Dangerous?

I worked on this post for months, no kidding, I really did and now it's finally time. As I mentioned in my last post Aluminium Chloride is a "necessary" ingredient to close your pores and avoid extreme sweating. 

Sadly, I've heard horrible thing about this ingredient. Some scientists say it increases the risk of Alzheimer's disease dramatically. This horrible illness destroyed my grandfathers brother and now is taking him more and more from us as well. Needless to say this worries me quite a bit. I know that other scientists say this is rubbish, but better be safe than sorry.

So what did I do? I went looking for aluminium chloride free deodorants and while it wasn't as easy as I thought I found some and I must say, most of them are a perfect substitute when it hasn't 40 degrees.

Let's start. I tested (left to right) Sebamed Frische Deo, Yves Rocher Bio Aloe Vera, CD Frische Deo, The Body Shop Deo Dry and Balea's Med Deo.

My ranking:
  1. CD Deo: Those were my absolute favorites. They last 24 hours and smell amazing. Love them!
  2. Sebamed Frische Deo: There can only be one winner, but this is basically just as good as the ones from CD. 
  3. Yves Rocher Bio Aloe Vera: Lasts at least 12 hours and I love the fresh aloe scent.
  4. Balea Med: The scent is subtle, but you don't get a full day of protection. 
  5. The Body Shop Deo Dry: This series is a bit weird, it smells nice, but you could set a watch - after 8 hours it stops working. 
The first three places are a real alternative to the ones with aluminium chloride. I'll definitely return to them as soon as this Sahara heat leaves us.

Most of the brands I tested have deodorants/anti-tranpirants with aluminium chloride as well. So if you want to try other products from the mentioned brands you should check the ingredients.

I can't say with absolute certainty that aluminium chloride is dangerous. I'm not a scientist and there are different opinions on it, but I rather be on the safe side, especially when they are just as good as the ones with aluminium chloride.

I hope this was helpful and interesting.



Libminna said...

angeblich ja auch brustkrebs :/
das von alverde ist auch ohne aluminium, vielleicht magst du das auch testen? *gg* ich verwend das zwar schon, aber ich hab da noch nie bewusst drauf geschaut, wie lange das nun wirklich hält lol

Guinevere said...

Ja es gibt eh noch einige aber ich hatte dann schon so viele aber ich kanns gern testen wenn du willst :)

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