Thursday, 29 August 2013


Lately, I've been so overwhelmed with everything that I stopped watching what I put in my body. Not good! 

What I always hear is that breakfast is important. Sadly, I rarely find time to eat in the morning, but especially the right cereals can give you the perfect start and energy for your day. So I was told. *g* 

I went looking for some healthy cereals, but it was way more difficult than I thought. All the cereals you can buy are full of sugar. After seeing a docu a few weeks ago about the company mymuesli who does custom-mixed cereals I decided to order some from them.

You can mix your own muesli and gosh there are hundreds of possibilites. I decided to go for some already-mixed ones. I ordered the:

Fit For Fun Low Fat Muesli, Kickstart Muesli Woman and the Himbirchler Muesli.

A cool fact when it comes to shipping. You can get them delivered like normal stuff you order or pick it up from a hotspot and save the shipping costs.

In Vienna are two or three hotspots and I got mine from the hotspot Billa at the Ringstraßen Gallerie. This Billa has several of their muesli choices in their permanent range as well.

I've been eating the Kickstart Muesli for a week now and it's really delicious.

Nevertheless, those aren't cheap. One 575g can costs (depending one what you choose) 6,90€ or 7,90€. On the other side it's organic and you know exactly what's inside.

I guess you have to decide for yourself if it's worth it or not. I'm gonna finish mine and look in some health food stores if there are comparable cereals. If not, I will order from mymuesli again. :)

You can buy and mix their mueslis here: or purchase some at their hotspots.

Do you know mymuesli? Have you tried one or even mixed one yourself?


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annia said...

Hab in den Anfangszeiten dort auch mal bestellt. Hat sich mittlerweile aber viel geändert. Das mit den Hotspots klingt nicht schlecht :) muss ich mal wieder vorbeischauen!