Sunday, 18 August 2013


It's been quite a while since I did a giveaway for you, so I thought it's time again!

I wanted to buy the Remington Pearl Pro Styler for ages. It was on my Amazon wishlist for almost a year. *g* I finally decided to buy it and while it was wandering to my basket I thought, you might want it too. So I bought two!

And one of them is for you! I only got it yesterday, so I have no review for you yet, but I only heard great things about it. I could have waited, but I was too excited. *g*

How you can win - it's super easy and a little nerdy *g*:

  • Be a follower
  • Leave a comment telling me what super power you would love to have
The giveaway will be open for two weeks (1.9.2013 12 pm Austrian time) and is open worldwide. I can't wait to read your comments. :) 

If I could choose I would love to be able to beam around. How cool would it be to be in London or at The Times Square in the blink of an eye..



Anna said...

I'd love to be able to mindread :D Great Giveaway!!

S said...

Ouh, this is a hard one. Beaming sounds really good but I guess I would wanna be able to fly. Seems more exciting :P

Linzi Louisa said...

Hmmm....think I'd like to be psychic. Have a feeling I watched too much of Charmed when I was younger though hehe Great Giveaway hun! I've been wanting to try this one for ages :-) xx

süchtig nach... said...

Oh I'd love to win that great giveaway :)
If I could choose a super power i'd like to be invisible and watch the people around :)
xo Katii

Simona LightYourNails said...

You will think I am crazy but the superpower I would love to have is being able to speak all languages of the world! That has been an impossible dream since I was a teenager long time ago!

Reklamedame said...

Ooooh, I want to take part! I can't quite decide on a superpower, I would love to be invisible to spy on people, but that would also be a little creepy, like I'm a little stalker, so I would say beaming. It would just save me so much time (and money, of course). Just imagine never having to use the smelly U-Bahn or a crammed bus again! And of course, being able to sleep longer in the mornings! :D

if life hands you lemons... said...

I think I would like to be able to manipulate the elements - like Aang, the Avatar (no, has nothing to do with the blue aliens ).
And I would absolutely love the Giveaway! I was prowling around a new hairstyle gadget last time at the mall.

if life hands you lemons... said...

oh - I completly forgot to mention: I'm follwing you via bloglovin

viennafashionwaltz said...

what should I say - just an amazing giveaway and I'm thinking about which super power would be perfect for me ...

... I just wanna fly like Superman! Would be very nice to have an overview of every city.

Nice greets
Yours Marjorie

Jasmin said...

Ich hoffe es ist okey, wenn ich auf deutsch schreibe?
also ich würde gern Gedanken lesen bzw beeinflussen können :)
hört sich im ersten Moment zwar strange an, aber ich denke mir soooo oft "was wird der/die wohl grad denken???"

toller blog!
& ich folge die über blogspot!
liebe grüße aus Oberösterreich

Chamy said...

Was für ein geiles Gewinnspiel. Hab ich erst jetzt gesehen und bin hin- und weg, da ich so einen Lockenstab schon länger mal ausprobieren wollte, allerdings ehrlich gesagt immer zu geizig war/bin mir einen zu kaufen, nachdem ich nicht weiß, wie/ob ich mit dem Teil klarkomme. Als erstmal danke für das tolle Gewinnspiel... da versuche ich natürlich mein Glück! :-)

Hmm.. welche Superkraft?! Gedankenlesen wäre manche schon sehr toll... oder sich unsichtbar machen und so andere ausspionieren... Oder sich schnell von einem Ort zum anderen beamen. Und die Zeit anhalten wäre auch nicht schlecht. :D Du siehst, da gibt es einiges. :-)
Oder noch besser: Gewinnspielauslungen via Gedankenkraft beeinflussen können. *haha* Spaß! :D

Wünsch dir ein schönes Wochenende! :-)

Zofiana said...

The superpower I would love to have is: bilocation.