Friday, 16 August 2013

Essence Gel Nails At Home

Essence released a new gel nail system. A complete kit with UV light lamp and everything. I though I show it to you:

I have gel nails and I did them myself for a while and the system is similar, but to be honest - I doubt it is as good as professional products. I think this might me a great home Shellac alternative, but nothing more. At least I wouldn't expect it.

Does any of you own it? My lovely cousin got it, I'll pick her brain about the results she got.


2 comments: said...

I'll check the remover and perhaps the polishes out as well. I have the Sephora by OPI Gelshine system at home and am very happy with the results. It can also be used with the OPI Gelcolor polishes. Only the removing process is a PITA...

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