Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Essie Fall Collection

In September, essie's new fall collection will hit the shelves, so it's time for a little heads up. :-)

I love the look of it. A great mix of fall colours. It's still August, so I don't feel very fall-y, but I definitely like the look of those shadows.

essie was so nice and sent me one of them "After School Boy Blazer":

A glossy blackish blue. Nothing unique, but soo pretty. This is one of those timeless classics. :-) Please excuse my cuticles.. They had a very bad day..

The other five shades are amazing as well.

for the twill of it: a maple brown with olive green shimmer
twin sweater set: crimson red
 cashmere bathrobe:  a dark grey with silver shimmer
the lace is on: a pink-purple shimmer
vested interest: a dusty green grey

I can't wait until they become available. I need at least four others. *gg* Polishaholic has gorgeous pictures of the LE.

What will you buy? *g*



Anonymous said...

oh boy! this is another very cute variation ... can't imagine which one is better - like the blue, red and green-gray! but I have so much nail polishes at home, so I shouldn't buy anymore :( But this colours are amazing for a rainy and cold fall.
what are your favourite nail polish brands? said...

I like "For the twill of it", but then again it looks very much like those purple-green duochromes of which I have several... Cheers, Jenny

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