Sunday, 2 February 2014

Back from the Dead

Hey guys,

It feels like its been years since I put up a post.. Exam week is over which means the worst is over. *gg* Well, I chickened out on one exam, so that's still hanging over my head..

But for now, I'm free again. I have several posts for you, so no worries, this blog is back from the dead. :)

Kronos is happy as well, the last week was incredibly boring for him. This is from couple of days ago when it really snowed for the first time. Snow in Vienna always sucks, but here it's nice. :)

Kronos paw print - those are my dog-walking winter boots, the right shoe is used for ball throwing *g*

Gonna post some other things later today, right now Kronos needs some attention. He's such a poor dog ;)


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