Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Beauty Haul - Bourjois, Rimmel, Garnier

I bought some cool products last week and it's time to show them to you. I bought all of them at the DM in Excalibur City which has brands we don't have.

When I saw this it blew me away. A Garnier micellar make up remover!! This might be a substitute for the famous one from Bioderma. I haven't seen this in Austria, who knows when or if we get it, so I had to buy it.

Sadly, there's not one words on it in a language I know. The saleswoman couldn't really speak English or German and even though my husbands mother is from Hungary and he was raised bilingual he wasn't that helpful either...

Maybe some of you can help translating. Oh, it was about 6,70€ if you are curious. 

I also saw this shower gel from Bourjois, one of three. It smells divine!

Last but not least this pretty Space Dust polish from Rimmel. Swatches will follow soon.

This nearby DM with all these brands we don't have really pays off. :)

What do you think about that haul? Do you know the Garnier make up remover??



guggi0505 said...

Hi! I have a question: Does the DM in Excalibur city also sell Bourjois make up???? That would be soooo awesome :)
Thanks! !

divna said...

excalibur war ich schon so lang nicht mehr - wusste garnicht dass es dort einen dm gibt :) aber in sopron gibts einen müller - irgendwo! muss das mal glaub ich checken :D

Guinevere said...

sadly, they don't have the make up :( the müller in sopron has it I believe

Lilly Cookie said...

as excalibur city is at the czeck border of austria i assume that the description is czeck and not hungarian, so maybe that's why ur husband couldnt help you?
it also looks to me a little czeck (but i know neither of the languages), hungarian has no(t so much?) of the umdrahnt dachal i think.

sadly that they dont sell the bourjois make up there. at least we can order it on asos. but still you need to swatch somewhere else :/

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