Saturday, 8 February 2014

Essie Luxeffects

Heylo my lovely readers,

(all the people who watch The Big Bang Theory know what to do with "Heylo") *gg*

Some stuff is going on on the Essie polish front, but before we talk about their new collection I need to show you two beauties I got. The essie luxeffects.

a cut above, set in stones

set in stones

a cut above

Let's go on to some swatches, for now I only have swatches from "a cut above". On its own and as a topcoat:

The middle finger has four coats of "a cut above" without anything else, the others have two coats of "a cut above"  with a nice rose tone underneath

I'll do swatches from the other polish, soon. I'm still not sure which base polish makes it the prettiest.


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