Thursday, 27 February 2014


This week my blog has been quite quiet and there's a reason. On Monday night, we heard about a 4 months old puppy that has been living her whole life in a barn without much contact to the world, desperately needing to be saved.

Being the person that I am I couldn't ignore it and so we drove the one hour to her location and got her. She was full of dirt and has a slight eye infection, but she's still so shy that I don't dare to take her somewhere.

We named her Emma and she is adorable, but utterly damaged. She is scared of everything and has lived outdoors only. :(

We're making baby steps every day, but it's not easy. She barely walks when she's in the house and getting her inside after she's been to the garden is an almost impossible job when you're alone. It's so hard to see such an innocent baby being so damaged, knowing that there went everything wrong so far in her short life..

She's doing well with the other pets, especially Kronos is a guide for her. He was surprisingly okay with her coming into our lives. Here she is.

I don't know if I find time to blog again this week. I'll talk to you soon.