Saturday, 20 March 2010

A gorgeous dupe for Lush's Bath Bombs

First of all I oughta say that I'm not on a campaign "Sabotage Lush!". It's just they are super pricy and we all deserve our Bath Bomb baths when it's cold outside.

So I went to one of our drugstores, Müller (love it), and bought a Bath Bomb from their own brand.

It was a peach & jojoba one which smelled wonderful - for 1,29€!!!!!!

For reference, a bath bomb the same size from Lush costs about 6€. I mean that's a lot for a bath bomb which is gone after one use.

So I tried it out and documented it. lol For information: I don't own a bath tub, but my parents do and they live one floor above me so I "borrow" their fancy tub when I need it.

I'm not a bath tub fan in general, I always feel like laying in my own dirty water and this thought truly grosses me out, so I shower first. I know it's ridiculous, cause I shower every day and don't get really "dirty", but still.

So here the job this little bomb did:

Bath tub without anything in it, it only looks so turquoise in the pic.

The bomb going crazy.

Endresult. It still looked peachy enough that one didn't start to think about blood. *gg*

The bomb did great and it was soooo much cheaper. So I really would recommend looking for alternatives to the expensive Lush version. There are enough products out there that we don't wanna miss and that are expensive, let's save where it's possible. :-)


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