Monday, 15 March 2010

My Manicure Routine

I have horribly dry hands during the cold time of the year and always, doesn't matter which time of the year, dry cuticles.

I wish I had those hands and nails that look gorgeous all the time without doing anything for it, but as you may know of some of my nail polish swatches I don't.

Nevertheless, I try my best and with my routine I get them to be pretty for at least two days and then the dryness comes again. I thought I share my routine with you guys, maybe you find it useful.

Let's start:

These are the products I use:

From left to right:

A file
A skin remover gel/oil
A nipper and a cuticle cutter
A cuticle peeling
A cleaning file
A cuticle oil

I have products I alternate, like the skin removing thing:

I use the China Glaze White Tea Extract Manicure Soak (which is divine) or the skin remover from our local drugstore Bipa


The Orange Cuticle Oil from China Glaze or Lush's Lemony Flutter.

So now to the steps, though they aren't that difficult to guess. *gg*

I start off with the file to shape and shorten my nails if necessary. Then I apply the soak/skin remover oil and let it sink in for several minutes.

After that I cut the excess cuticles - be careful, don't hurt yourself, the cuticle trimmer can be pretty sharp. I know some think it isn't good for your nails, but honestly, this pushing cuticles back thing only works for people who already have "almost" perfect cuticles..

Then I apply the peeling and massage it in. Next I wash it off and file over my nails with the cleaning file that removes excess oil, dirt and give your nails an even surface.

Last but not least - very important step - I massage the cuticle oil/cream and let it sink in.

And that's about it, I do this once a week. This how the result looks like.

Nice, right? I wish it would stay longer this way than two days..

Hope this was kinda helpful/interesting.


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