Sunday, 21 March 2010

Peeling Polish

As you all know nail polish isn't my greatest fan, though I love him to death. And last time when I applied OPI's Mad as a Hatter one could feel that again..

I did everything right: basecoat, 4 coats of the polish - you just need those coats to get an awesome glittery coverage - and a thick layer of topcoat. Plus a generous amount of drying time.

After 4 hours you could see the polish already was pushed back a little bit so I wanted to smooth out the edges and I literally could peel it off. In one piece!

Well I couldn't keep myself from trying if this would be possible on my other fingers as well and some minutes later I had a pile of polish on my desk and nothing on my nails..

Crazy, isn't it?

That's soooooo unfair, all that "work" and that's the thanks. It might have been on there for another day if I wouldn't have touched it at all, but I coudln't resist.
It's not that extreme with all my polishes, but definitely with the glitter ones and I just looove the glitter ones... :-(

At least I saved myself from an hour of painful polish removing.. But I would have preferred that. Any of you ever experienced this peeling thing?


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mihrace said...

i have the same problem too. do you use nail buffer? it supports the peeling of the polish.