Saturday, 27 March 2010

Need some Neon?

Sooo finally again a beauty post.

I have some China Glaze Neon polishes, but I was never that happy with them. I just couldn't make them pop and though I like matte finishes, I didn't like them on the neon ones.

So some days ago I tried them over a coat of white polish and WOOOAAAH the colours like exploded and were almost blinding.

So yesterday I painted my nails again in some of my neons and here they are:

Is that bright?? Freaking yes!!!

I used the Barry M "Matt White" as base for the colours:

and those were the polishes: Celtic Sun, Shocking Pink and Japanese Koi.

To get them shiny I just used the Fast Forward Top Coat and voila, perfect they are. :-)

So if you're unhappy with your neons, try it with a white base and a top coat, maybe you fall in love as I did.


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