Saturday, 13 March 2010

MAC eyeshadow disappointment

It's ball/dance/prom season in Austria. Dances have a long tradition in Austria, we have the famous Wiener Opernball which is known all over the world.

Why this intro? This time of the year has the wonderful effect that many people wanna get a nice make up and this is where I come in.

So in the last few weeks I had several freelance jobs which I really enjoyed. Purple is a very popular dress colour and so some of the make up looks I did orientated on this colour.

One colour I used or tried my best to was "Cloudburst" from MAC. It was released as one colour of the Heatherette trios which I depotted and that is what it looks like:

Why I want to draw a focus to this little devil is the fact that it sheds like hell and is horrible to work with. I had a fall out with this that only a mineralize loose pigment can top. It's been a while since I was so disappointed by a MAC product.

So if you ever see this colour and think about buying it: DON'T, don't even get near it, run - just run!!... *gg*


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