Wednesday, 3 March 2010

My skin care routine

I always like watching or reading other peoples beauty routines, so I thought, let's do it too. :-)

Those are the products:

I'm a real fan of the drugstore brand "Balea" from our local drugstore DM. It is cheap and qualitywise amazing!

In the morning: Creamwise I use a mixture of these two products or only one of them. They left one is a more light version, very refreshing and with a lot of moisture and the right one has a very rich formula. So depending on how sensitive my skin feels I choose.

In the evening: The Urea nightcreme of Balea with a touch of the Body Shop Vitamin C Intensive Night Treatment.
I bought the Vitamin C treatment some time ago and was super excited, but after I put it on my skin literally burned.. Too agressive, but I thought what if I dial it down a little, so I used 2/3 of the Urea creme and 1/3 of the Body Shop cream and it was perfect. :-)
Now I use it every night, except my skin feels super sensitive and dry, than I only use the Balea nightcreme.In addition I put on an eyecream with extra moisture and on the undereye area I put the Garnier Nutrition Caffeine Roll-On. Once the lines are there, they are there so I try to keep them away as long as possible. :-)

As you all know I own a Clarisonic Mia which I adore and I use it every day as well. Depending on how my skin feels I use it once or twice. Nevertheless, I use it always when I had make up on.

The process looks like that: I remove my make up with my shu uemura make up cleansing oil and then I clean my face with my Clarisonic on which I put my washcreme for sensitive skin.

And that's it. :-) Might sound difficult or complex, but it really isn't. Hope that was interesting for you guys.


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mihrace said...

does garnier roll-on work for dark undereyes? i wonder your advice about this product:):)