Saturday, 13 March 2010

LUSH Lemony Flutter

I don't own many Lush items which I have a reason for: I tell you at the end of this post. I own just a few, because I got a coupon and beside some lip balms I got this:

The Lush Lemony Flutter

It is specially designed for culticle pampering and to make other hard and dry skin areas like elbows soft again.

It has a very strong lemony smell, what a surprise.. it's Lush and I think it works quite well. I have an utterly bad case of dry culticles and it helps a bit to keep the dryness away.

The skin absorbs it, but not everything. I don't like products, which sit on your skin and you can't touch anything as long as you have it on, Lemony Flutter isn't one of those.

So I would recommend it, but I wanna say something about Lush as well.

I don't like Lush. I don't, I'm very sensitive to smells and I can't go in this store without going out of it with a bad headache.
To be fair, I can't wear perfume or sit besides people who walk around in a perfume cloud either, but besides the huge over smelling thing Lush does they are overprized.

The biggest reason however is that a dear friend of mine, who worked for them for a short period was treated so badly and maliciously by this company it still makes me sick when I think about it.

We are all free to have our own opinions and I know there are many Lush lovers out there and I don't wanna affront anyone. I just wanted to share my personal point of view and experiences I had with them.


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amusedPolish said...

I also hate the smell inside of lush- you can't tell which smell is which when you're standing inside and try to distinguish e.g. the smell of lemony flutter or one of the lipbalms...