Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Pigment Pressing Gone Wrong

Lately I pressed some of my pigments to make them handier. I love pigments, as many of us do, but they are a pain to work with some times.

Ever tried to work outdoors with them?? My last photoshoot booking was at a windy abandoned factory. Thank God there was no need for one, cause I'm sure I would have lost some of my 7.5gram.

Long story short, that's why I'm pressing all my MAC pigments. I press them with alcohol and it always worked well, but a good week ago I tried to press a matte pigment for the first time - Noctural Plum - and this was the result:

Looks like the desert on a super dry day..

Unfortunately I have no solution for this problem, I pulverised it again and put it back in the box. I just wanted to show you what happened when I tried it.

The consistency of the matte pigments obviously differs so much from the other ones that alcohol isn't enough. So if you think about doing it with alcohol, let it be. *g*

Do you have ideas? Maybe you found a solution, would be great to know.


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