Monday, 8 March 2010

Trip to Hungary

Yesterday I drove with my BF to Hungary, the border is an hour from Vienna and short after this border are some shops: Tesco, Müller, etc. that are open on Sunday.

We don't have Tescos in Austria and I looooove looking at products we don't have, may it be deodorants or Make Up.

So after being at Tesco and my boyfriend bought 7 packages of his favorite chips, that you can't get in Austria.. infant.. we went to Müller - a drugstore that does exist in Austria, but I'm on the hunt for the Essence trend edition "cute as hell" and it's sold out everywhere in Austria so I was looking for it there.

And as I go through the corridors I see a NYX cosmetics rack, I was so shocked - I was so sure this is only available in the states and Switzerland and there it was. A rack full of NYX, I simply couldn't believe it.. Made two pictures with my I-Phone.

Soo cool, I didn't buy anything (patting me on the back lol) cause I'm going to fly to New York in April and it is cheaper there. Nevertheless, how cool is that?

So if you live near Hungary and you are craving for NYX, there you can get it!!!



amusedPolish said...

:D NYX.... und schon seh ich lacke, die ich unbedingt haben will

naja, hoffentlich wird sich das bald ändern ^^

Anonymous said...

Yay - NYX is making it's way all over the world!