Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Birthday Present Nr. 2 or Sleek & China Glaze Haul

This order was the second present I bought for myself. I ordered those, once again, from Shining Cosmetics. I highly recommend this store, such uncomplicated and nice service. :-) Here's what I got:

The palette and blush from the Mediterranean and the Caribbean collection.

Left side: Santorini blush (Mediterranean), right side: Aruba blush (Caribbean). Look how bright they are!! :-)

Caribbean palette Curacao:

Mediterranean palette Monaco:

Two new China Glaze polishes :-)

Ahoy! This is such a pretty colour..

Below Deck

Got any of these products? I love them all. Do you wanna see swatches of the Sleek products?


1 comment:

Kirschblüte said...

schöner haul!
ich hab mir am we auch die curacao palette bestellt, heut kam die zahlungsbestätigung - bin gespannt wann sie kommt - hab aber woanders bestellt...
bin schon auf deine amus gespannt :)