Wednesday, 13 July 2011

MAC Semi-Precious

Hey guys,

I know I'm late with this, but I was in Egypt, so I couldn't go to a MAC store.

This is a quite large collection and when I first saw it on months ago, I was blown away. After seeing Christine's swatches not that much anymore. Especially, the eyeshadows disappointed me. So gorgeous looking in their pan, but after using them, the actual colours aren't that special at all.

The products that really got me were the blushes. Look at those beauties:

If I wouldn't be on a "Do I REALLY need this?" project, I would have bought all of them, but let's be honest, I have enough blushes.

So I didn't get anything. Originally, I wanted the brushes, but after I had them in my hand, I was disappointed as well. The two sides don't blend together, there's no fluent transition. The different bristles lie side by side and don't behave as "one".

I'm quite proud and I need the money anyway. I just ordered 3 new Momijis and the new Sleek palettes as a birthday present for myself. *g* I'm so old..

Oh, for those who are looking for items from the collection, like the "Gem of Roses" lipstick and so, SCS has still everything in stock, except the Kabuki.


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