Thursday, 21 July 2011

Review: Origins Spot Remover Blemish Treatment Pads

Since my antibiotics are really kicking in, I'm fit enough to write another post.

I wanted to write this for ages and now I finally have time. As you might remember I posted about the gorgeous Origins Blogger Event some time ago. It was such a great night and since I'm an Origins addict, I was more than excited to get some products for reviewing purposes.

Tonight I'm gonna talk about the Origins Spot Remover Blemish Treatment Pads.

I, or I really should say we, love this product, but let's go into detail:

This is a new product formulated for twice daily use. These are soaked pads which help opening pores to treat blemishes, clear blackheads and give you a clear complexion in general. You get 60 pads in one box. They are quite thin, so you have to be careful not to take two or so by accident:

They are full of helping ingredients such as Saw Palmetto, caffeine, apple and cucumber extracts, clove, oregano and Salicylic Acid. I know acid sounds agressive, but it's not! 

When I got this I almost was a little sad, cause I don't really need such pads (luckily!) but my boyfriend does and he became my guinea pig. After the first use, one already could notice a difference. He uses it for over a month now, only once a day before bedtime and his skin improved remarkably.

He got really addicted to those pads and is starting to try to steal other Origins products from me.. Quite annoying. *gg*

In a nutshell: Those are great, simply great. They made such a difference and are easy to use. And he only uses them once a day, so I'm sure if one uses them twice a day, the result will even be more striking! I also think this is perfect for men, cause they are fuss-free and do their job.

We're definitely gonna repurchase those. So if you think about buying them, give them a try!