Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Dr. Hauschka Regeneration Body Balm - Thoughts

Hey guys,

This isn't a full review, cause I don't have the feeling I can properly review it yet. Nevertheless, I wanted to share my impressions so far.

I got this a while ago. It's one of Dr. Hauschkas new products - The Regeneration Body Balm:

Looks quite medical, but I think this effect is desired. Unfortunately, you can't see the product inside, but this way the ingredients are safe from ultraviolet rays, which can cause that the ingredients loose their effectiveness.

It is a simple white cream:

The reason why I didn't really use it so far is the scent. It smells like christmas. Don't get me wrong, I love the smell of this cream, but a strong cinnamon scent with a hint of orange is just too much for spring and summer.

The balm absorbs quickly and its purpose is to tighten and strengthen your body. It also says for "demanding and mature skin", but weak fascia isn't only an issue for mature skin. Just ask me..

My fascia is not tight at all.. I asked my dermatologist once if there's anything one can do and she said: "not really, it's genetically determined, but you'll never get stretch marks!" Yay.. Cause I'm planning to get so many babies..

I do have the impression the cream has a tightening effect (from what I can say so far), but I also think that it only really will work, if one is active and tries to diminish the problem areas with sport or so. I am currently doing that and I think the cream is a good support.

As said, I will go in detail, but probably it will be fall until I do. So if you don't mind a heavy christmas scent and think about getting it, get it, but if you need fresh and light scents around you during that time of the year, wait until it's winter.

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