Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Manish Arora for Nespresso

A few weeks ago I participated in a raffle for the gorgeous looking Nespresso machine designed by Manish Arora, ever since he designed a MAC collection, I'm a fan. *g* It looked really cool:

While I was in Egypt I got calls from a number I didn't know. So eventually I picked up and they told me I won the third price in the Nespresso raffle. What an odd conversation that was in the middle of a 3500 years old temple. lol

I had no idea what the third price was and since I was in Egypt, my dad was so kind and got the price for me and that's what I got:

A folder and a princess-like sculpture. Some close-ups:

What do you think? *gg* Both of them are unique and made by Manish Arora himself. I think the folder looks beautiful and the princess is a bit weird, but still pretty. The "problem" is that I won't use the folder, cause it's just too special to use it and the princess wouldn't last one day with my cats around.

My boyfriend said we should keep those two savely locked away and sell them one day to a fan, who would pay a lot of money. lol

Do you like them?