Saturday, 30 July 2011

Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer

Hey guys,

Here is the much anticipated Bourjois concealer review. :-) I have the number 51.

I wore it several times by now and absolutely love it. It smells so lovely and fruity. It's extremely pigmented and lasts all day. The only problem I have with it is that it's much more yellow than it looked in the tube..

But let the pictures speak:

Nothing on:

with concealer under the eyes:

finished make up:

after a few hours of wear:

about 8 hours later, I know not the best lighting, but you get the gist:

Well, well, as one can see the concealer did a great job. :-) You only need the tiniest amount, I squeezed out a pea sized amount and that was more than enough.

I'm still worried about the yellowness, I didn't have the impression that it was that yellow, but the pics speak another language.. I guess I'll have to mix it with another concealer to balance out that yellowness, but the product itself is great.

At the end of the day, I could see the concealer settle a little bit in the fine lines under the eyes, but not too much.

I totally recommend it. So if you can get your hands on it, give it a try. Just make sure that you get the right shade for you.

Hope this was helpful.



Nagellackprinzessin said...

hallo :D schön, dass du die review gemacht hast :D

wie gelb ist der consealer denn? ich hab extrem gelbstichige haut, bei mir ist immer das makeup zu rosa oder zu orange. ein hoffnungsschimmer :D also ich hab im winter ungefähr mac nc 15 bis 20 und im sommer nc 25, aber die meiste zeit vom jahr nc 20. also warmer hautton hell bis mittel.

glaubst du soll ich nach ungarn fahren und mir das kaufen? (ich fahr sowieso bald wieder zu shoppen hin)

Guinevere said...

ja kauf ihn dir, es gibt eh tester, evt is 52 auch was für dich, test sie einfach in ruhe, wie gesagt sehr gelbstichig, also würd er die sicher passen, ich glaub umgerechnet hat er um die 7€ gekostet, also is auch kein vermögen verloren

Nagellackprinzessin said...

ja super dankeschön :D

Anne said...

Ich lese deinen Blog nun schon seit einiger Zeit und ich iebe einfach dein Gesicht, du bist wunderschön!

Guinevere said...

@Anne: wow.. danke!!! :-) das is so lieb von dir :-)

Lilly said...

that was very helpful. I think I may really have to get my hands on this concealer.