Saturday, 16 July 2011

Some impressions from Egypt

It was a really great holiday, even with all that sun. *gg* We mostly spent the week at the resort, but on one day we drove to Luxor and visited the Kanak temple, the Valley of the Kings and two other places.

It felt like being in a sauna all day (40°), but the humidity is quite low there, so the heat is easier to endure.

These walls are 3500 years old, it's incredible, that they are in such a good condition.

Two days later we went snorkeling. Another unbelievable experience.

Our guide was a joker..

We also visited a little island that day. So beautiful:

The resort and the beach at the hotel were gorgeous as well:

All in all, an amazing week. I hope you enjoyed the pictures.



Kay said...

All those exotic locations! It's a wonder you wanted to come back home! Thanks for sharing your pictures. :D

Blusherine said...

GREAT pictures! I really like the one with the hand on the wall, really good idea!
I love when people post about their vacations and trips!

Kirschblüte said...

wow, sehr beeindruckend!
sieht nach einem tollen urlaub aus!