Monday, 18 July 2011


Today was my birthday. I'm now 24 years old. I'm so old.. I hope I'll come across a vampire soon, I don't wanna get old. Time's flying by so quickly, way too quickly..

But let's focus on other things. It was a lovely day. We went to Akakiko and later I got a Mousse au Chocolat, way better than a birthday cake! :-)

I got some gorgeous presents as well:

My boyfriend was once again incredibly generous. We tend to give us our presents way too early, cause we just can't wait. *gg* So I already got some. He bought me a new digicam after I lost mine:

Tickets to a comedy show:

I was sure I wouldn't get anything else, I had gotten so much already, but today I got this, which simply blew me away:

My first Tiffany jewelry. I don't really have a thing for jewelry, the only jewelry that can excite me is Tiffany jewelry. And today I got my first blue box:

That was in it:

Just lovely and the message on it is the best of all. :-) My boyfriend isn't one of those who can share their feelings easily. So this bracelet is even more special.

He also got me a new screen for my computer:

Which now makes me able to do awesome things like that:

Blogging and Big Bang Theory, what can be better than that. *gg*

Incredible, right? I'm utterly grateful.

From my family I got two books I wished for:

and this bracelet:

And my best friend got me the best pillow ever made:

It was a really great day and I'm so grateful to have people in my life, who love and cherish me. :-)

I hope you had a gorgeous day as well.



Line said...


Kay said...

You got some great presents! Don't feel old. I'm old. ha-ha!

Happy Birthday!

Julia said...

Super tolle Geschenke meine Liebe!!! Klingt nach einem gelungenen Tag!!!

Lilly said...

happy (belated) birthday my dear! sounds like you had a perfect day - you deserve it. the tiffany's bracelet is very special and it came in the cutest box ever ...

Lilly said...

happy belated birthday!! :)

Guinevere said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

yeah it was a great day, a bit exhausting, cause I'm still sick, but other than that, great