Monday, 18 July 2011

Essence 50's Girls Reloaded Haul & Swatches

A couple of days ago I saw Essence's new collection. Lovely display:

I ended up getting those two:

You're a Heartbreaker:

Back to the 50's:

Tha nail polish is actually quite weird. *gg* Not only is this a really strange colour, the application is strange as well. I applied one coat and it was uneven and very sheer, just horrible. After the second coat it suddenly was opaque and even. Swatches will follow soon.

The lipsticks is nicely pigmented and smooth. The other colour looks lovely as well, but unfortunately was sold out.
Left side swatched "heavily", right side just one stroke:

Get anything?



CucumPear said...

I can't believe that you got the weird lipstick was sold out, I fully expected everyone to buy the red and most of that other colour to be left at all stores. o.O
I, unsurprisingly, bought all the polishes (the grey is my absolute favourite of the bunch), the red lipstick and the brush. Somehow I just haven't managed to get around to washing that yet, though.

Btw: Did your LOOK by BIPA brushes start to shed? My kabuki started to after the second time I washed it. :-(

CucumPear said...

Note to self: don't edit sentences, it never works. Sorry about that weird first sentence. :-P

Lilly said...

I got both of the lipsticks :)
Lovely texture indeed!

Guinevere said...

I think I'm gonna try to get the other lipstick as well, the colour is truly lovely and for 2,15€ more than acceptable

Evinde said...

Oh that red lippie looks great.Unfortunately this TE isn't available in my country :/.But if it was,I'd totally buy the lipsticks,esp. the coral one.