Friday, 11 May 2012

Cult Nails and my exam!!!

Hey guys,

I passed the exam!!!!!!!!! :-) In celebration of this amazing sensation, I'm gonna make a kick ass giveaway! I'm currently deciding what to put in and will let you know more as soon as I know it. *g*

But now on to the polish haul and swatches. I know another polish themed post. *g* I have a view reviews coming up so no worries.

Those two are the current limited edition shades from Cult Nails and they are awesome!

First we have "Seduction", what an incredible colour:

This is sooo beautiful..

And the other is "Toxic Seaweed", just as incredible:


To get this opacity one needs about 5-6 coats

I'm gonna show you some on-nails swatches soon. They look even better on nails and especially in the sunlight of which we have enough at the moment. *g*

One can get these on their website and one polish costs $10.

Do you own polishes from Cult Nails? Happy with them?



Emma said...

I don't own any cult nails but I wish I did! Seduction looks gorgeous, it looks like a better version of fantasy fire! x

Guinevere said...

It's actually quite different, gonna do a comparison post :)


I love Cult Nails! Their polishes are very consistent with wear and application =]