Monday, 7 May 2012

Max Factor - Fantasy Fire - The Second

I decided to show you another combo with Fantasy Fire - the perfect one. I used Barry M's Indigo as a base and this is the perfect combination, cause it brings out all the beauty of this polish:

Now the swatches:

What a beauty.. I bought a back up, but after seeing this combo I'm thinking about getting even another back up.. *gg*

One thing though, I forgot to mention it before. If you have gel nails, there's a weird thing. It doesn't stain your real nails, but the polish (without a coloured base coat) stains the gel! Not pretty..

Apart from this staining thing, I love this polish, what do you think?



Miss-Peacock said...

awesome absolutely awesome, I love love the colour !!!



K. from drop dead beautiful! said...

What a magical colour!

Alexa said...

Oh Mann, ich hätte den Lack auch sooo gerne. *-*

Habe ihn zwar bei ebay gefunden, aber die Versandkosten machen ihn nicht gerade zu einem Schnäppchen.